Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Arrived, Rested, and Ready In Kathmandu

The wifi doesn't seem to be working with my laptop but it does with my phone.  I'm terrible at typing on my phone but I wanted to let everyone know that I made it safely to Kathmandu.

I was greeted by Raju and Rajan at the airport and the by the children and Raju's parents and then treated to a home cooked  Nepali meal!

I slept like a rock last night after being up for nearly 48 hours.

Today (it's Thursday morning here) Rajan and I head to the hills to assess earthquake relief efforts and to encourage our brothers and sisters in  Christ with His Word. So I'll most likely be without internet access most of the time until Monday when we return to Kathmandu.

Due to the suuply blockades on tbe Indian  border there is a fuel shortage and virtually no electricity except what they can generate with individual solar panels on their homes. Which allows those fortunate enough to have one enough power dor a couple of light bulbs in the evening and a cell phone charge. My room at the hostel has a light bulb and one outlet for cell charging only. Many have gas generators but no fuel available. Each adult gets a fuel ration receipt that allows them to purchase one gallon of fuel every 45 days and the wait In line for three days to get it. The black market fuel business is alive and well again in Nepal. The going rate is around $12/gallon.

While Rajan and I are out in the hills Raju will stay in Kathmandu to make preparations for the pastoral conference, pastors ordination, and the wedding.

It's going to be a busy and exciting couple of weeks. What a privilege to be here!

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