Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Earthquake, Worship, and Rest

I'm in Chitwan for the the night before we head to Shaktikor tomorrow to hike to another village congregation that was affected by the earthquake.

I'm typing with one thumb on my cell phone again so this will be short. Please forgive the typos.

Saturday is the day off in Nepal so it is also the day of worship and rest. We worshiped in Hetauda with Pastor Milan and those he serves.

I'll try to fill in some details and post some pictures when I get back to Kathmandu in a couple of days.

I almost forgot to mention...I was awakened by a 4.6 tremble two nights ago in the Dhading district. All is well and everyone is safe and unharmed. I even managed to get back to sleep after enough time passed and we were assured that there were no more coming.

I'm healthy and doing fine. Your prayers are much appreciated.

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Missionary Mayhew said...

The Lord bless your work there among our HCLCN brethren. You are in our thoughts and, more importantly, in our prayers!